Startup Central Current Site Version 2.1.R

Welcome to Restart Up Central's Changelog!.

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V2.1.R Edited a few grammar problems along with some new links. Fluid particles: Enjoy a nice fluid experience in your browser with a particle simulator. Twisted wave Audio editor: upload or record your own audio and edit it to your liking. Pc Part Picker: Want to build your own pc? Use this site, it can really help. Google Drive, Slides, and Docs: Google Drive is like an online hard drive. Google Docs is Google's equivalent of Microsoft Word, and Google Slides: is the Google equivalent of Microsoft Powerpoint

V2.0.R Fixed entire index problem along with a few text problems and fixed a few grammar issues. Added 1 link:, Code using JS, HTML, Blockly, and more.

Site Versions for Startup Central before the revamp

V2.1 Site Version at top of site.

V2.2 Added 2 New Sites Pencil 2d Animator And Mp3 Converter

V2.3 Added Clock And Scottgames website.

V2.4 Added Sites Facebook, Yahoo, and Steam.

V2.5 Colors For Site Switched

V2.6 Added Wikipedia Site

V2.6.5 (Middle of V2.6) Added Pokemon Wikipedia Site

V2.7 (Big Update) Changed link colors White=Nonvisited black=visited Changed site texts from all Capital letters to normal Capital first and lower case letters for the rest, removed (works) from the changelog link, and removed V2 from sneaky peaky but they are all the same sneaky peaky is just the same link but different text and the link to the changelog still works Added Startup central Image

V2.7.5 (Middle of V2.7) Added Aternos Free Minecraft Server Site.

V2.8 Added 2 new Sites Favicon and Rw Designer Favicon is an online icon maker and RW designer is for a variety of different things icons cursors ETC.

V2.9 Added 2 More Sites Bing Search Engine and Google Translate.

V3.0 Added 3 Sites and changed text up Twitch. Live streaming site for gamers and watch live streams, Google Maps Find Places To Go And other things. Google earth Easter Eggs and Look at the moon and stuff.

V3.1 Added 3 New Unblocked Sites Flash games Unblocked games and Unblocked games at school. They're really fun...

V3.2 Changed Icon and colors also the image for the site. Welcome to febuary.

V3.2.5 (Middle of V3.2) Changed Typos in text and little changes to the link colors and background colors. Also text makes more sense now.

V3.3 Added Moby Max site. Moby max is a site that has a variety of school things for you to learn. (I hate school also)

V3.3.5 (Middle of V3.3) Added little changes to site including a schedule for the sneak peaks for the icons.

V3.4 Added Twitter Site and Going to add different social media Sites soon.

V3.5 Finally Coded 4 links to open in a new tab. Fast forward Read theory coolmath and ixl its hard to code the open new window thing

V3.6 Coded 7 More Sites to open in a new tab Roblox. Focus. Kahoot. Poptropica. Gmail. Google. Scottgames. Also Added Slight text changes And fixed the bug where google translate wouldnt open correctly

V3.7 Added Instagram site and changed visited link color to Light blue Because of some colors that I choose not showing up.

V3.7.5 (Middle of V3.7) Made 5 more sites open in new tab Youtube. Pencil 2d. Mp3 Converter. Yahoo. Facebook.

V3.8 Changed the Clock on both sites to make it Centered with the text and not hovering a little higher beside it.

V3.9 Added Changes To the site (link changes) And added NEWS ELA)

V4.0 Text Changes And Changed The Site colors.

V4.1 Text Font Changed for some sites and All sites open in a new tab now

V4.2 Text font for sites Roblox and Coolmath-Games. Changed link Color for visited links

V4.3 ROBLOX Is now a rainbow link. Font changed for 3 sites Fast Forward Read Theroy and IXL.

V4.3.5 (Middle of V4.3) The Big text has been changed from caps to some lower case and i have news in the headings. Also got the official Email for the site.

V4.4 Added Weather site.

V4.5 Started conversion to March Site. Also Fixed images that will float beside text and mess it up on different monitor sizes.

V4.6 Changed all sites with 6 letters to rainbow colored, Any other sites that have 6 colors will also be changed to rainbow.

V4.7 Changed link color from Pinkish to Green.

V4.8 Changed the icons.

V4.9 Changed Visited link Color (Working on The biggest update for the site.)

V5.0 Change the site colors Welcome To March. Added 5 NEW SITES Unblocked youtube, Brainpop, Math solutions, Contact Me, And Added Friends site on changelog.

V5.1 Added And Working On Custom Google Search. Instead of having to go to a whole other site Try Custom Google Search. Search Any Site Its Just Like Google!

V5.2 Added Discord Channel For The Site. Welcome to Startup Central Discord...

V5.3 If you ever needed a calculator now you have one. Added Calculator For Startup Central.

V5.4 Added 2 New Sites. Code Studio A Great Place To Learn Coding. Kongregate A Fun Filled Game Site. Removed Friends site (Wasnt being Worked on.)

V5.5 Added 2 New Sites Code Cademy And Google Device Manager. "Ever want to learn how to code... Try code Cademy." "Welcome to google device manager if your phone has a google account linked to it and you lose it or it gets stolen you can track it Ring it if its silent Just log into your google account linked to your phone and boom tracking immeditaly as long as location is turned on.

V5.5.5 (middle of V5.5) Added 1 New Site Microsoft. Manage your microsoft account or get help about your windows device.

V5.6.5 (middle of V5.6) Changed Icons Colors Images Link colors And Visited link colors

V5.7 Added Music Page where I post my top 3 favorite music of the week. (weekly Updated)

V5.8 Changed all the Rainbow Links to Their Images or A Recolored Version of their images. And Changed lowercase i's to capitals.

V5.9 Changed the site colors and link colors. Sorry guys I was really late on that change I forgot about the change

V6.0 Changed the colors for the site, images and icons. Welcome to May

VTF 6.0 Version Temporary Final. Switched site colors, added announcement button and heading, SECRETS, and discontinued startup. :(

V6.0 RECOVERY. Started Recovering Old Files of Startup And Continuing it by little bit Recontinued the music channel by 33%

V6.1 RECOVERY. Files of Index Recovered, Music files 2nd Slot Recovered. Continued 10% Music channel 66%

V6.2 RECOVERY. Files for Link Groups Gotten. Everything Should Also Look More Centered Now.

V6.3 RECOVERY. Finished fixing the error. And changed the font to something more visible.

V6.4 Finished Recovery And Updated Everything

V6.5.5 (Half of V6.5) Updated site for august I might not be so late on september but I might im not actually sure if I will be early or late but im sure I will cuz I will be in school

V7.0 Updated different stuff (yes i know I skipped 6.6-6.9

V8.0 Started Multiple Updates To Site. (yes i know I skipped all of 7.1-7.9)

V8.1 Added Christmas theme and started to get alot of things ready

VTF 2 (8.2) Added Perm Black and an assortment of colors and Changed some messages (Temp Final Recovery Executed)

8.3 Temp final Finished. Planning to have the Final version be 9 or 10. Made Animated Startup icon (forgot only firefox supports it and I use chrome so I decided to put them down at the bottom of the sites where the images go. Finally got some code for rainbow effect, Important stuff will be in rainbow. Soon the versions will stop and ill just update the site, the changelog will also be updated so dont worry. Icons changed to a non-animated version of rainbow. Removed Changelog Icon and image (its too old and I couldn't be asked to color it in.)

8.4 Added around 2 or 3 new backgrounds to switch to when I want to. Tested around 20.

8.5 Updated All lowercase I's to make grammar better. (Changelog + Site)

Goal 1 Reach 1K views REACHED!!!! Around January

Goal 2 Reach 2.5K views. REACHED!!!! 2/22/17

Goal 3 Reach V5.0. REACHED 3/2/17

Goal 4 Reach 3.25K views. REACHED 3/9/17

Goal 5 Reach 5K Views. REACHED 4/13/17

Goal 6 Reach V6.0. Reached 5/1/17

Goal 7 Reach 1 Entire Year of coding REACHED 12/19/17

Goal 8 Reach Temp Final 2 Reached 2/11/18

Goal 9 Reach 1 Follower REACHED 11/20/20

47? Sites/Links to site in startup central.

History Of the site (since it was started): The reason I made the site was for me and my friends. We would start our web browser and the links would already be on the screen. The site then started to get views, so I started to put up a changelog, and update it more often. Then I started to ask if you guys liked it, and started to update the labels, site background colors, along with link colors.(through January). I have been working on the site since december and I would really like it if you guys had any sites for me to add. Email me at if you would like to request a link or feature. I started wanting you guys to email me some suggestions. (History through February) I have started to run out of sites and ideas. (History through March) Ever since I started running out of sites, I was looking for more but haven't found any that are child friendly that I like, I have come up with a new idea by adding a music channel. (History through April) The music site was then discontinued and I still have yet to recontinue it... (History through May) I didn't always update the site from then and on but now that im finished with passing microsoft word, excel, and powerpoint I can now update the site. (History through May 2017 - December 2019) I lost the index of the site due to a overwrite with uploading a few files. The site was then discontinued for about a year. I found a backup that I had hidding in the site file system. I have now recontinued the site and rebranded it with Mandeville Productions while also renaming the site Restart Up.

Startup Central

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